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nostalgic primrose

Posted by CouleureStaff on

When I saw primroses growing in clusters under a big tree,
Without thinking, I stopped the car and went to see it.
They were starting to bloom here and there, but somehow they looked very cute.
And I feel nostalgic.

where did you see it
Is it a mug with a primrose flower drawn on it?
I don't think it's a tablecloth or wallpaper, but...
When I was looking at the flowers with a nostalgic feeling, my daughter jumped out and put one flower into her mouth.
"It's sweet and delicious, and everyone in kindergarten eats it," he said.
"But you can't just sell things that grow naturally in stores."
"And it's only white, you can eat it," he said.

I didn't know why it was only white (cream),
Maybe it's because it's the original.
The pink in the picture may have been planted.

Please refrain from eating only one,
The two of us enjoyed the flowers while feeling the spring breeze.

My grandfather's favorite flower was the primrose.
My daughter's favorite flower is also primrose.
It's quiet, but it's a relaxed atmosphere with a firm view of the world,
It may be similar to Primrose and the two.

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