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English support: 851 Curved Hem Long T-shirt

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Please use the below English notes alongside your Japanese sewing instructions with diagrams.

・Finish the hem. Front & Back.
Overlock raw-edge and fold in two. Stitch a 0.7cm(7mm) stitch.

・Sew the shoulders.
Check the seam allowance on your pattern. Sew right sides together. Overlock raw-edges, press to the back.

・Sew the collar rib, right sides together. Fold in half. Now the right-side of the fabric is showing.

・Attach the collar rib to the body.
The collar's stitch line is aligned to the left shoulder. Stretch the collar to fit the neckline. Stitch in place. Turn over and over-stitch should you wish to.

・Attach the sleeves.
Overlock the raw-edges and turn to the body.

・Sew under the sleeves, side of the body.
・Stitch 3-4 times over the slit area to strengthen.

・Finish the sleeve opening.
Overlock the raw-edges. Fold in two. Stitch over with a 1.5cm stitch.

We'd love to see how you enjoyed sewing.

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