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A weekend in St.Ives

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At the end of summer vacation, I went camping with my friends and family.
St. Ives is a seaside town located in Cornwall, the southernmost part of England, and has been loved by many writers and painters.

When the sky clears up, the sea becomes the color of a kingfisher.
It was cloudy this time, but the blue with a light mist was also wonderful.
It had a poetic atmosphere.

Summer bank holidays are one of the busiest days of the year.
The crowd was unprecedented in the UK, but it was still a positive sign that everyone was trying to enjoy the summer.

St. Ives is home to the St. Ives wing of the Tate Museum of Art, which features works by local artists as well as interesting temporary exhibitions.

This time, we are introducing art schools/movements in Morocco after independence.
Its modern expression,
It was very interesting to see the review of Moroccan traditional crafts and the efforts of the artists.

The video of the collaboration between contemporary architecture and the artist is particularly interesting.
Patrice de Mazieres I wanted to go to Hotel Almoravides, Hotel de Taliouine, etc! I felt like I was being drawn into a story.
Please try an image search.
I wonder why I felt so nostalgic...

The children were also able to enjoy the museum at their leisure.
We were given cute booklets and cards with this kind of design,
As I looked around to see where I should draw, the children encouraged me to sit anywhere and enjoy drawing.

There were many adults looking in happily.
We were able to look around at the works with peace of mind.

Of course, it wasn't crowded, but I felt like they were supporting our growth together, or at least not denying it.

Religion, culture, nationality, language...
It's a country where people have really different values.
Perhaps because they are not together, they have a high tolerance for each other while still having imaginations for each other.

As I write this, it may seem like there is nothing "normal" about it, but it is true.
A very complicated country.
Life in the UK is still full of discoveries.

The wonderful wood carving in the foreground is by Barbara Hepworth.
She is a world-renowned female sculptor who continued her work in St. Ives.

After Obon, there are many people in Japan who sew autumn-colored summer clothes.
You will be thrilled by the delicate seasonal feel and truly fashionable appearance.

The photo shows a yarn shop displaying shawls in wonderful colors.
It looked delicious, and I decided on the color that I liked.
The reason I'm drawn to brownish-purple colors may be because I'm looking forward to autumn.

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