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A cafe full of pink

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The new semester has started, so updates have been delayed.
Now that we can feel the signs of autumn, how are you all doing?

The photo above is a pair of socks I recently found.
It's a bit more gray in color, but it was a day when I couldn't help but pick it up.

Think about your spring/summer/fall/winter wardrobe and collect images of your favorites (on Pinterest, etc.) before making or buying.
Lately, I've been gluing cutouts onto A3 paper.
Narrow down your lifestyle and trends,
Check the clothes you have and the fabrics in stock that match the theme,
By choosing a pattern and sewing, buying additional fabric if necessary, I feel that I have gradually been able to create a wardrobe that is more ``connected.''
It is also important to leave room for "play" and "impulse".
I also try to enjoy new discoveries.
How do you decide on sewing?

My trend is pink.
When I was a university student,
I cherished the dark pink mohair short-sleeved knit, but I hadn't picked it up ever since. too good to waste!
I wonder why I suddenly started liking pink...
Anyway, I'm thinking of sewing it in pink this year because it's eye-catching.
739 Slit long tight skirt is perfect for trying out pink far from your face!
The inside of the 682 Marche bag 's suede-like fabric is a beautiful pink color, and if you're looking for an accessory, you can easily try a vivid color.
I'm also interested in the 708 Baker skirt to match the pink top.
It's a boom just for me, but I'm trying to enjoy it.

When I was talking about Pink Pink, I was invited by my sister-in-law and her husband who were visiting for work, and I had the opportunity to go to the most pink cafe.
Peggy Porschen 's cafe in Chelsea.
(Please take a look at our website!)

The decorations in front of the store seem to change depending on the season.

cute cup and saucer,
Make brioche bread into French toast
``Breakfast'' with caramelized bananas, strawberries, and chocolate!
Mint is so delicious that I thought it was a must if I ever wanted to recreate it.

I thought that my daughter, who usually likes blue, would be so happy that she would be filled with pink.
It was a day that made me even more excited.
Do you like pink? (K)

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