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Expanding scenery

Posted by CouleureStaff on

There was a gap of just 10 minutes between the plans.

Without even realizing it,
Instead of "waiting in the parking lot" as we have been doing for several years,
I quickly got out of the car and headed up the hill.

I can see the ocean beyond the scenery spreading out below me (I didn't know that!)
There are many gaps in the grassland where the wind can pass through. (Isn't that a strange expression?)

There are surprisingly few open areas where I live, so looking at this view made me breathe deeply.

I really only had time to take a breather, but birds were flying in the sky and insects were chirping (like autumn...)
Surrounded by the sweet scent of flowers, it was time to be taken back.

By the way, at my house,
Practice using Open Questions from time to time.
I do it after meals.

Open questions are a way of asking questions that do not require a "yes" or "no" answer, and provide an opportunity for the other person to think more deeply.
This is one of the methods used in coaching.

There was something about this day that made me feel good.
When we talked about how we felt,
Even if we look at the same scenery,
Her daughter said, ``I was nervous about making it to the piano in time.''
While reflecting on myself, who is always running,
It was a night that made me laugh.

By the end of next week, it's already summer vacation.
For everyone in Japan, the rainy season will soon be over in many places.
I hope you have a nice summer.

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