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To Peter Rabbit's house

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I went to the Lake District.
My main goal is to go to Beatrix Potter's house.
My daughter loves the Peter Rabbit series, so I wanted to take her there when she was around the same age as me when I visited.

As a child, I remember that scenes from picture books were set in gardens, houses, and other parts of the village.
However, since he was around 7 years old, I wonder what meaning this house had to the author.
A miracle that remains as a result of the National Trust's conservation efforts.
It seems like I didn't understand the story as well as I do now.

This time, we were with children who were familiar with the content of the picture book, so there was a lot to see, including the garden and the house.
I myself have been reading biographies (movies are also good).
Everything was deeply moving, and my heart was filled with emotion as I touched upon the source of Beatrix's inspiration.

This “Hill Top” cottage is
In the house she was allowed to buy when she was unmarried,
Of course, it was an era when moving alone was not allowed, so he would occasionally visit during holidays.

This is a house I was working on with the intention of living in it with my fiancé.
Unfortunately, her fiancé falls ill.
This house also helped me heal from my grief.

After that, Beatrix Potter was happily married.
While living with my husband in a house right next to Hill Top,
Visiting the cottage almost every day,
Just sit quietly by the window,
Take care of the garden,
I changed the inside of the doll's house a little...

On a cold, rainy day, I'd say, ``I'll come visit you at home for a bit.''
Apparently they were lighting a fire in the fireplace.
I feel that the house was a place like a treasure chest.

A staff member said, ``Everything has been carefully selected and arranged.''
The condition for donating to the National Trust is that everything must remain as it is.

A magical experience where you can step into a space as it is.
It was really moving.

Please allow me to introduce some photos.

This is Mr. McGregor's garden.
The place where Peter ran away in a hurry.
In the foreground is rhubarb. It's an early summer treat.
My daughter enjoyed the feeling of going out wearing a Beatrix style outfit.

When I bought it, there were so many rats.
That sounds like it was very difficult.
The story that was born from this is ``The Story of Bearded Samuel.''

Keep a cat in your house to prevent rats...

Does anyone have any idea which story this wall and gate is from?

This is where Tom and his friends were sitting.

This is in front of a house in the village.
What a bright garden!

In "A Tale of Two Pies",
The garden in front of the house where the Duchess was standing
Did you get inspired by this?
(One of my favorite stories)

Margaret was blooming beautifully.

Previously, you couldn't make a reservation and had to wait in line, but now you have to make a reservation online.
Please be sure to make a reservation in advance.
It was a wonderful space where people from various countries such as Germany, America, Canada, etc. all gathered together with the feeling of ``I love you!''.

By the way,
The children often listened to "Beatrix Potter: The Complete Tales" on Audible.

Since there may be many similar products,
I recommend Narrated by Gary Bond, Michael Hordern, Rosemary Leach and Janet Maw.
The music and reading style are good, not too exaggerated. I feel nostalgic about English.
If you read the book after listening to it, it will be much easier to follow.

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