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When I see a light like this...

Posted by CouleureStaff on
Probably one of my favorite views is when the sky and sunset are these colors.
The sky was dark gray, and when I was preparing myself for the possibility of rain, the sunset suddenly turned orange.
A color not found in the end of summer,
In the winter when there are few sunny days, you can hardly see it.

The bushes planted on both sides of the road
Pruned in February.
The color of the sprouts popping out from there is reddish and yellowish, as if it were absorbing the setting sun.

There were a lot of scenery I wanted to stop and take, but I couldn't stop on a country road with two-way traffic because it was wide enough for one car.
But I couldn't give up, so I parked half my car in someone's parking lot and hurriedly took a picture.

What I like so much might be that there is something that touches the original scenery.

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