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Power of Star Anise

Posted by CouleureStaff on
When I receive news of Ume
I feel early spring in Japan.
Daffodils begin to open in England
Mornings and evenings are getting brighter
I'm feeling like spring
Don't relax! Spring starts in mid-April.
That's why it's still damp and cold
The days when I'm thankful for stewed food.
The other day, I made beef stew in a slow cooker.
I had some at my friend's place.
Nodding, deep taste. delicious.
It seems that there is something different from the taste of our house.
because she rarely puts tomatoes in
That's the difference,
The big difference is
It was in a small star anise.
"Star anise and cloves,
Add some fresh parsley and mint leaves and simmer it.”
she told me.
When I tried it at home, it seemed to have depth.
If you add too much anise, it will be too strong.
Please adjust accordingly.
Our house is bigger than the biggest Le Creuset
I added one anise, which was a little too much.
I also like cloves and whole pepper.
I put about 3 or 4.

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