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"Feeling of accomplishment to make" "Fun to be fashionable"
We deliver high-quality and beautiful draping patterns with the desire to fulfill both and have fun.

Kururu's patterns and fabrics value cleanliness more than anything else.
Because of the same “drawing pattern” as ready-made clothes,
It is a finish that almost does not feel handmade, which is what dressmakers are looking for.

With a good tempo design development that matches the theme of the season, you can wear a new and modern feeling.
Because it blends in with the city, it makes you want to go out in style.
Just looking at the page makes me feel...

"Fashionable" makes people positive.
It's strange to wear new clothes.
The feeling is new, and it supports it.
We want our shop to be like a signpost that makes you want to straighten your back in your daily life.
Please make it, wear it and enjoy it.

Takashina Yuriko

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✂︎ Couleure.Style ...We are developing PDF patterns with the desire to deliver Couleure patterns to dressmaking fans all over the world.