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under the roof market

Posted by CouleureStaff on

In this town where there are many people who are highly conscious of the environment and are conscious of recycling and reusing, I saw people putting reuse into their daily lives from trivial things rather than important things.
According to my husband, it is the “under the roof market”.

Don't throw away the flowers that have grown in the garden, sell them or give them away.
What kind of iris is "FLAG IRIS (YELLOW with a wavy line)"?
£2 is about 300 yen.

Here, we were selling a small selection from novels to handicraft books in the form of free donations.

Proceeds from sales are donated to charity,
It can also belong to a householder.

The Kids' Bazaar is not only heartwarming, but also popular with children.
My friends' children sometimes gather up toys and books that they no longer use and sell them on a whim at village intersections, along with cakes and jams baked by their parents.
At the end of the semester, we set up a table near the school gate and sell the things we cherished.

Even if you think it's a bit shabby... "Maybe someone you don't expect wants it for some other reason?"
And my British friends who shamelessly line up in the shop.

I would like to review what I couldn't organize during the lockdown and feel free to challenge the market under the roof. (K)

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