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flower welcome

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The blog has been dormant for a very long time.
Ladies and gentlemen, do you have any change?
It was the spring of my temporary return to Japan for the first time in 6 years due to various reasons such as corona.

affected by the Ukrainian conflict,
I couldn't fly over Russia, and I was terrified that my flight was canceled many times just before.

Ultimately, it will be a joint flight with multiple companies from Austria, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina,
It was a flight over the Black Sea and over Turkmenistan, Mongolia and China. The Silk Road from the sky, right?
Since the route was neither explained nor displayed,
It was a really exciting flight, looking at the map without watching the movie.
It's an exaggeration, but thinking about the Age of Discovery,
Think of Marco Polo.
The courage to go to an unknown land is amazing.
It seems a little difficult for me, but I have admiration and respect for it.

When I arrived at Narita Airport,
To the cherry tree seen from the plane,
The whole family exclaimed, "Wow!"
Came back! I feel like
I was really happy.

There were so many tests and procedures after the arrival from the PCR test just before, but I was grateful for the kind response of the staff.
It's a kind country, again.

One of the mountains this time is
I was able to meet Mr. Takashina directly.
It's kind of embarrassing when you write about it on your blog, but the amount of non-verbal information I receive when I meet you in person is very impressive, and it's really three-dimensional! It was a feeling.
I want to make the most of this time and experience in the future...
It was a trip that brought home a goal.

Well, what surprised me about England.
The plants were growing up.
Compared to the soft fresh green I saw in the mountains of Kanto, it was a green with vigor and strength.

Wisteria, rhododendrons, azaleas, roses, and everything else were blooming at the same time.

Returning home to England while feeling lonely.
Touching the energy of the flowers and plants that welcomed us,
I was comforted by the sight of nature, which made me feel a connection with Japan. (K)

Rhododendrons have long been loved in England.
I know the difference between rhododendrons and azaleas,
Sometimes I still don't understand the difference between azaleas and azaleas.
If you look into it, it seems that you can distinguish it by leaves, flowers and stamens.
Azaleas have hairy leaves, and azaleas are shiny.
Azaleas have 5 to 10 stamens, while most Satsuki have 5.

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