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foggy morning

Posted by CouleureStaff on

The fukakiri of the seventy-two climates is an expression around the beginning of autumn.
In the area where I live, foggy mornings increase around September.
This year's autumn, which is warmer than usual, has entered October a little later.
It's just like Menghui.

I will pick you up and drop you off at school as if you were walking through thin milk.
The road in the photo is a back road that I used to avoid traffic jams.
It's a car in the background,
It is a "two-way road" that is wide enough for one car to pass through.

I have a feeling a car is coming...
I took a picture while waiting for it to pass in front of me.
In the morning, I drive with the windows down to use not only my eyes but also my ears and senses. It's cold and cold, but there are some things that make you feel better at the beginning of the day.

It was Friday when I decided to check how to properly use the fog lights, which I forget every year.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. (K)

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