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autumn walk

Posted by CouleureStaff on

Children are in England on autumn holidays.
Summer vacation just ended last time, but it's a holiday again...
I think parents think that
At the same time, it's nice to have the freedom to take a break from lunch and spend time as you please.

I went out for a walk to look for autumn colors.

I can see the longing for Japanese culture, gardens, and plants in various places, but the autumn colors of the gardens I visited were also very beautiful.

Withering plants and cosmos flowerbeds also feel the change of seasons.

The pumpkin decorations were also wonderfully arranged with different heights and different sizes.

The beautiful building was restored in 1830 in Italian style.
I am impressed by the aesthetic sense and spirit of choosing a cream-colored carpet to match the white walls and flooring, even though many people come from outside wearing shoes.
It's a commitment and aesthetic that is similar to dressmaking :)

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