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English Support: 816 Square Knit Top

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English information on constructing 816 Square Knit Top

A modern looking top that is unique and is relaxed to wear.  It has a boxy front and back with a diagonally designed side that adds sharpness to it and defines the body. A shorter front and a longer back hem design. French-sleeve style. The compact neckline gives a contemporary look. Two neckline patterns are included to allow for a wider choice of fabric. 

Wear it on its own in the warmer months or layer it like a knitted vest over a shirt or turtle-neck top in the cooler days. The constructive shape and the loose-fit together with the boxy-shape, look very sophisticated and modern.  Use a medium to low tension knit that is not too stretchy.  

Sew the hem on “front piece (前身頃)” and “back piece(後見頃)”
Fold the hem. Fold the seam allowance at the hem in three and apply a 0.7 cm stitch.

Sew the shoulders. Place the right sides together and sew. Overlock or zigzag finish the raw edge and turn towards the back. 

<How to sew Neckline A -Ribbed neckline>

Fold the neck-ribbing right-side together. Sew the line “left shoulder(左肩)”
Turn to the right side. *Do not press the fold. 

Attach the ribbing to the neck.
Place the front piece and neck-ribbing, right-side together. Sew, finish the raw edge, and turn the finished edge to the body-piece. Turn to the right side. You can topstitch, depending on your preference. 

Sew the sides. Place the front & back body pieces, right-side together. Sew sides from under the arm to the stop-line near the hem. 

Cut (切り込み) and make sure to fold and avoid the front piece. Finish the raw edge and turn to the back. 


First over-lock the front body piece near the sleeves. Then overlock the back and front together, till the bottom. You can, of course, finish the raw edge in your preferred method. 

Sew the sleeve opening. Fold in three and stitch 1cm.  Sew a few times at the sleeve opening.

Sew the side-slit. Fold in three and stitch 0.7cm. Fold in the unnecessary seam allowance as shown in the diagram.

<How to sew Neckline B >

*2* Sew the collar piece, right sides together. You will have two round shapes.

*3* Sew the collars, right sides together. Trim the unnecessary seam allowance. Turn to the right side. Open the seams flat and iron.  Baste or sew with big stitches 2mm outside of the finished line to hold in place. 

*4* Attach the collar to the body. Place on the wrong side and sew. Remember that this is a collar, not binding. Overlock the raw edge with an overlocker or zigzag, turn towards the body pieces. Topstitch if you wish to. 

*5* onwards is the same as Neckline A.

Ready to wear!
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