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[042] Simple compact hoodie


★Knit/cut and sew patterns

Eliminate waste from the silhouette,
Maintains the ease of movement of everyday wear
We have created a simple hoodie that looks really stylish.

long ribs and long sleeves,
Add freshness to the design by layering the front edge of the hood...

Having a small face, long and thin arms,
Keep your upper arms clean

I accomplished all of this.
The hood is made smaller to create a smaller face.
Long and beautiful arms with slim long sleeves
It's a hoodie you'll want to wear every day.

◉Number of pages printed on the pattern itself
20 sheets of A4 paper

◉Number of how-to pages: 5

Garment Measurements

(Unit: cm) No. 7(S) No. 9 (M) No. 11 (L) No. 13 (2L)
Length 54
11.5 (rib width)
11.5 (rib width)
11.5 (rib width)
11.5 (rib width)
Width 87 91 95 99
Hem width 70 74 78 82
Snow length 75.5 77 78.5 80
Sleeve Length 46+12 (rib width) 47+12 (rib width) 48+12 (rib width) 49+12 (rib width)
cuff 16 17 18 19
Number of parts 7 7 7 7
Measures and others [If the ribs are also made from the same fabric] 170cm width...approx. 1.3m
[When ribs are made from ribbed cloth]
180cm width: Approx. 1.2m (No. 7, No. 9), Approx. 1.3m (No. 11)
Rib approx. 98 width...approx. 0.6m
Eyelet inner diameter 0.6cm...2 Rope diameter 0.5cm...approx. 1m
[Suitable cloth]
Trainer fabrics such as medium to high tension fleece

◉ PDF pattern includes:
・2 size patterns (completed line, seam allowance included, Japanese and English)
・Illustrated specifications (Japanese)
・Guide booklet (both Japanese and English)

◉ Features of PDF pattern:
After completing your order, you will receive a PDF download email immediately! You can print it on A4 paper at home or at a convenience store, paste it together, and then cut out the pattern, so you can use it right away without having to trace it. * Pasting is surprisingly easy. Please see our blog for tips on outputting and pasting PDFs.

◉ The pattern pieces have English & Japanese names. The instructions are in Japanese with clear diagrams.

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