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I find myself talking more about food
Today, a challenge for several years,
I would like to write happy food stories with a sense of accomplishment.
I tried to make natto by hand.
Ever since I was in Japan, I have loved natto.
Do you like it?
How would you like to serve it?
After coming to England
Even if I sometimes get frozen natto at a Japanese grocery store,
Living in the countryside, you can't eat it often.
I learned that natto can be made with herbs and tried it.
On the Internet, "herbs, handmade, natto" etc.
I think it will come up if you search.
I was able to do it better than I expected, but I added the required amount of herbs.
It was also hard to come by and a little less sticky.
When I fail
It is my husband who investigates and takes decisive action.
I got the Japanese natto starter.
I also chose a yogurt maker that I had never seen before,
Soak the soybeans in water overnight, boil them, and combine them with natto bacteria for 24 hours.
Refrigerate for another 24 hours and you're done.
it takes three days
Freshly made plump natto,
It's surprisingly delicious.
Bacillus natto is placed in a container about the size of an eye drop you get at an ophthalmologist.
It is said that about 30 kg can be made with it.
When I live in Japan, various companies sell natto.
It may take a while to make, but
If you have the chance, I would definitely recommend it.

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