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853 Drawstring hood blouson fabric

Posted by CouleureStaff on
853 ドロストリングフードブルゾンの生地

Hello. This is staff k.

Here are three fabrics that are likely to match the new PDF.
Choosing fabrics is a lot of fun.
At the same time, there are still challenging parts for me.

I would like you to enjoy fabric matching with flexible ideas,
We have selected some recommended fabrics in the hope that they will be of use to you.

1. 30S Combed Burberry Stretch (4 colors)

Couleur is very popular as a pants fabric,
I received advice on the fabric I would like to make into a jacket ♪
The surface of the fabric is nice and has depth.

2.Cotton mixed weave gabardine caramel beige
It is a beautiful fabric with a smooth surface.
This jacket is a style that fits neatly while being casual.
If you make it with this gabardine, you will get a more beautiful feeling. wonderful.

trench coat with yoke ,
I am making a zip-up blouson with a hood .

3.Functional Meltaffeta (3 colors)

It is a popular fabric with a light and crisp texture.
It is one of the fabrics that gives off an adult-like elegance even in a casual style.

What kind of fabric, what color...
We are looking forward to seeing what you have created. (K)

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