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It's hot!

Posted by CouleureStaff on

I hope everyone in Japan is having a really hot summer.
I'm sorry to say that it's hot in the UK, but
It's been a very hot day with hot winds blowing for a while.
Even in the north, which is normally cool, temperatures such as 41 degrees for the first time in recorded history have been seen.

Urban houses use a lot of materials that enhance the insulation effect, and many apartments have windows on one side, so the room is too hot and many people can't sleep.
The news was introducing people sleeping with their mattresses out in public corridors (passages).

Commuting to work and school has been canceled,
It's a confusing time.

The above newspaper photo is of the beach.
It's like twice as many people as Enoshima in midsummer!
It seems that the house is too hot, so I'm going to go to the waterside.

I was told not to cool my body too much when it was hot, but I ended up going out to buy some ice cream.
Ladies and gentlemen, please take care of yourself. (K)

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