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blackberry picking

Posted by CouleureStaff on

When the blackberries ripen, I feel that I am at the beginning of autumn.
Usually around the end of August.
This year they are ripening as early as 2-3 weeks.
It's not yet warm enough to make baked goods or jam, but when I see it when I walk, I can't help but stumble.

On that day, I didn't have a bag to put the picked fruit in, so the child drank the water from the water bottle and put it in it.
While laughing at the flexible ideas, we all gather together.

An apple tree was planted nearby.
This is the first tree I found this year.
This pink is also an apple.
It has an astringent taste, but it is perfect for oven-baked crumbles.
Enchanted by the beauty of color.
Before the autumn colors, I start thinking about what I want to sew this season.
What do you all sew for autumn summer clothes? (K)

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