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How to play rock-paper-scissors alone

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It's so much that I'm at a loss what to do with the whole thing if it's not there.
It's summer vacation with children, so it's essential to have a rock-paper-scissors to see who's strawberry flavored and who's vanilla flavored today ^^

in this part of the UK
Rock, Paper, Scissors.
When you play rock-paper-scissors (Is that what you mean?)
It says "Rock, Paper, Scissors, Shoot!"
When it comes to shooting,
Like Shooooot, it's pronounced vigorously and slightly longer.

Like this,
Rock-paper-scissors are familiar here, but you can't do them alone.

One day when my son was in bed with a summer cold,
My daughter who was looking at a craft book started making something interesting.

Write the development diagram of the dice on a slightly thick paper,
Cut out the center and stick cellophane.
For the cellophane, I used the outer bag that contained the Tokyo Disneyland clear folder.
(Solid high quality)

Mark the rock, paper, and scissors on the cellophane before assembling.
And make a dice to put inside,
Also write three marks.

Well done.
The green dice (scissors mark) that you are inside,
This time I lost to the light blue dice (rock).

Long summer vacation... I'm going to spend a lot of time at home, so this year I'd like to make time to do handicrafts and sewing together. (K)

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