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old harry rocks

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There aren't many summer-like days this year.
I wonder if it's okay to stay at home...The children's vacation was about to end while I was thinking about it, and although the weather was bad, I walked as fast as I could against the rain clouds.
I went for a walk to Old Harry Rocks.
Located on a part of the coast that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site
Old Harry Rocks. On a sunny day,
The chalk white and pure white sky are dazzling, making it a very beautiful scenery.
I brought my dog ​​nearby (while being pulled here and there).
I was surprised to see some people walking along the edge of the cliff.
I was nervous about everything, but I also felt that it was typical of England that there were no signs warning people to be careful.
The children's grandfather said, ``It's best to lie on your stomach and watch it.''
One head popped out, looking at the side of the cliff and the sea.
Powerful nature.
Because of their struggles in foreign countries, their children grew up as close friends.
Now, the two of us no longer hold hands.
this day is,
The older brother makes me walk inside because it's dangerous.
The younger sister obediently holding on to his arm is also cute.
I secretly took a photo from behind, but no one found out...
We both felt embarrassed and said, "Stop!"
It has become a summer day that I will look back on fondly.
Although it was a casual trip, it was 6km long.
Blackberries help when you're feeling tired.
There are many ripe black fruits.
It is the best fruit for making crumbles and jams boiled with apples.

The house I saw on the way home was painted white, typical of a beach.
This red hollyhock and palm-like tree are very nice, and I couldn't help but notice that I like the color of the door as well.
Although it is not in order,
Don't you feel that there is a comfortable feeling of relaxation?

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