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We have received news of a beautiful spring and a fresh start from Japan.
If I were in Japan, my son would be in the first year of junior high school in the spring.
While looking at the pictures of his childhood friends and imagining what kind of spring it would be like, I feel happy as if my child is growing up.
I wish you all the best and happiness as you start your new life.

Here in the UK, spring break starts on April 1st this year.
Easter Sunday is April 10th
In England, where there are few public holidays, it is a precious consecutive holiday.
It's hard to get a sense of it, but
It is a celebration as important as Christmas.
I saw a cute window display.
Rabbits, chicks, eggs, lambs, yellow flowers...
There are a few fine days,
The town is bustling with the joy of Easter and spring.

I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend.

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