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Using Japanese instructions / アレンジ情報の探し方(日英記事)

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✂️ Using Japanese sewing instructions

Your pattern pieces will have English pattern names, and pattern symbols to show “grainline” or “cut on the fold” etc. Please print the "Pattern-Instructions.PDF" to find these informations. 

The instructions are in Japanese but with diagrams. If you have previously created a similar garment, you will probably find that the instructions are enough. We present a certain way of creation, but there are many different ways a garment can be created! We hope you feel free to choose the right method for you. However, we aim to upload English information on this blog, as much as possible. Please search by pattern number. 

Also please take a look at our Japanese website. Search by pattern number to see "fabric suggestions" or "arrangement ideas" and other useful and inspirational information. You should be able to use google translate for auto-translation, which usually popups in the right bottom. 


✂️ アレンジ情報や関連情報を探す方法




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