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fragrant daffodils

Posted by CouleureStaff on

If there is a good thing about a country that has a long way to go until spring...it is the longing for spring, and
It may be that the pleasure of small changes that can be fulfilled will continue slowly.

At the end of January, when the daffodils begin to appear, everyone is excited by the premonition of spring brought by these flowers.
The flowers sent from the southernmost part of the village begin to line up in supermarkets and gradually begin to bloom in the villages and gardens.
And when the store is lined with fragrant daffodils, I feel excited. I'm still wearing my down coat, but my heart flutters with "Spring!"

Today is market day.
Choose a bunch from a bucket full of fragrant daffodils,
If you walk around the town, passers-by and shopkeepers will give you a little glimpse! The more you can say.

True warmth is just a little more patience.
It's fun to wait. (K)

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