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autumn bouquet

Posted by CouleureStaff on
In the seaside town where I used to live
There were many flower shops.
If you often walk around pushing a buggy
Naturally, I became more familiar with the people at the store.
You can buy even a few flowers at a flower shop without hesitation.
I found several shops with such a relationship
It helped me a lot when my children were little.

There are two flower shops in this town.
The first is a Dutch flower shop.
A lot of strange foliage plants hanging from the ceiling,
Chrysanthemums, dahlias, and tulips are placed in vases on the floor.
They all have strong personalities
This is my favorite shop.

The other is a shop named Hige no Hanaya.
Two men are open only in the morning
In the afternoon, it seems that they are arranging a large space.

The other day, I had the opportunity to ask for a bouquet of flowers to celebrate.
If you just tell me over the phone that it's autumn colors
Somehow he arranged a lot of flowers for me.
A man with a mustache and a bouquet of flowers.
I was surprised at how heavy it is,
The scent of freesia that you put in between
It was a fun arrangement with lots of fall colors.
From now on, she will move to a town with less nature
I felt so happy that I was able to part with autumn. (K)

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