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Port town walk

Posted by CouleureStaff on

The cold days continue, isn't it?
It's tempting to stay at home, but I want to inspire my kids (and myself)
I took a drive to the beach.

During Napoleon's time, the cape was fortified to protect against French invasion.
The site is slightly visible on the left side of the photo.

The day I visited
Dolphins were a frequent visitor to the calm bay.
When I think that they are swimming freely in the sea without borders, I feel envious and want to protect their preciousness.

After that, we walked to a nearby port town.
The beautiful sky just now is completely behind the clouds.
It looks like evening, but it's still 13:00.
Sometimes seals appear near this ship.

The houses in the background are actually a little brighter.
How do you decide on a color when repainting a wall?
Is someone managing it, or are you negotiating with the neighbors?

Lastly, we had the famous British fish and chips.
I chose takeout, which I can enjoy casually, but I was completely warmed up at the shop where I could eat next to the wood stove in the store.

If you didn't like fish and chips,
By all means, please try again at a shop with a good turnover in a seaside town.
Sprinkle generously with salt and malt vinegar.
It was on the way home that I remembered what I had told you to be a little more careful after winter break. (K)

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