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Which pattern size should I choose?

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✂️ How to choose your pattern size

Couleure's patterns are based on Japanese dress sizes. Dress size 7 (S), 9(M), 11(L), 13(XL) and some patterns are in 15(2L) and 17(3L). The product page is "Garment Measurements" and not nude measurements.

Please take your body measurements and select the right size from the chart.
For tops check the bust-size. We recommend you check the sleeve length before construction, as sleeve lengths differ quite largely.
For bottoms, check the hip-size, then the waist.

You may wish to go up or down a size depending on the fit or how you want to wear the item. If you find yourself in between a size, it is better to go up a size and adjust later. toile in a similar weight calico before using your fashion fabric. You can make simple adjustments or complicated alterations at this stage.

✂️About size selection

Kururu patterns are made based on Japanese women's clothing sizes. The size chart attached to the product page and pattern is the finished size, not the nude size .
Please measure your body before choosing pattern size. Tops are selected based on the bust. Please check before making the sleeve length. Please check the hips, waist, and length of the bottoms.
It is also possible to choose a large size or a small size according to your style and design preference. If you feel between two sizes, we recommend choosing the larger size. Also, before inserting scissors into your important fashion fabric, we highly recommend using toile fabric of similar thickness to basting. By performing basting, you can check and adjust the size.

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