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Insulated box made of natural materials

Posted by CouleureStaff on

The word sustainable is often used on magazine covers,
I became really close.

I get excited when I see new ideas that address environmental and social issues.
You may be surprised at the flexibility of your ideas.

The other day, when I ordered fresh vegetables for delivery, they arrived in a "refrigerated box".
When you open it, how is it? soft.
Wool wrapped in vinyl (biodegradable).
There was a product and a cold pack inside wrapped in wool.

Woolcool insulation explains that wool is a natural material with excellent heat insulation and humidity control effects.
It was written that it was adopted as a sustainable material.

The unique scent of wool that gently reaches you.
I wonder if I can make slippers out of felt...
I stared at him intently.
Then I put it back in the box and returned it for reuse.

It was the day I encountered an idea I didn't know. (K)

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