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autumn herbal tea

Posted by CouleureStaff on

Pukka's herbal tea has a beautiful package.
Some people find it easy to drink because it's not a grassy herbal tea, while others find it difficult because of the unique turmeric and liquorice.
Ladies and gentlemen, have you ever tried Pukka tea?

I myself love caffeine (so much that I want to say...)
I had a strong belief that herbal tea wasn't enough, but recently, I liked the "Night time berry" on the left, and it became my first repeat purchase.
"Elderberry & echinacea" on the right is nice to meet you tea.

Elderberry is a fruit that comes from the elderflower tree, which is used in the familiar “Elder Cordial” in Japan.

There are many families around us who give their children elder syrup because it has the effect of strengthening the immune system.

Echinacea also supports the immune system and was recommended especially during flu season.
I'd like to incorporate it well as a daily plus alpha.

Do you have any recommended herbal teas? (K)

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