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Celebration in town: Platinum Jubilee

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This week,
A platinum jubilee celebrating the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II's accession to the throne.
Her Majesty the Queen, the longest reigning monarch in British history
I just turned 96 this spring.
It is said that he has been doing official duties for 200 days.

Opinions about the royal family may vary, but
Beyond that wall, Queen Elizabeth is deeply loved by the people.
Many celebrate this feat with heartfelt gratitude and respect.

I'd like to introduce you to a little photo.
This is a town where the women of the Flower Club work hand-in-hand with the shops to set up window displays in various places.
It was fun to have a display that matched the business content.

↑ The pet shop also displays things in the colors of the national flag.

↑ It's a little hard to tell from the picture, but this is a craft shop.
Knitting a crown ^^

Town decorations led by the Flower Club.
Groups of women are often active in towns.

Even the bookstore has a special corner.

This is an impressive size, a golden carriage made from plants grown in the town.
Inside is a photo of the Queen, who was enthroned at the age of 25.

The golden carriage used in the coronation parade has never been used since, and the Queen will ride in it this time. It's been 70 years.

My father saw the coronation parade in London, so this time he was even more deeply moved.
It is likely that you will see a parade.

We are looking forward to a long festive weekend starting tomorrow.
Famously, there is a tradition of picnicking and drinking tea in the city called "street party".
I'll take a picture if possible! (K)

I have a feeling that filming is getting tougher in Europe.
What was very impressive this time was that the airline said, "Even after the seat belt sign has been turned off,
We recommend wearing a belt during the flight.
Unauthorized filming of the crew and other passengers is strictly prohibited. The announcement was repeated many times.
In terms of mental and physical safety, both are on the same level, so I felt that this was a great progress.

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