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About the fabric: Imagining the setup...

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This is staff k.

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I want to make it! I want to wear! Nice combination! The feeling is aroused.

Ladies and gentlemen, what are you sewing for spring?

Well, I was inspired by one of my memories
Getting ready to make a 625 round front jacket and set up.

When I was a student, my aunt gave me a sage colored linen setup.
I wondered if the texture and looseness of the set-up didn't match my age, or maybe because I had a lot of strength in my shoulders.
I have memories that I can't quite wear.
Somehow, it's a dress that will always remain in my heart.
(Is there such a thing?)

Last year I made an unlined jacket with the round front jacket paper pattern.
As Yuriko says, "You can wear it like a cardigan," it's very cool to wear it in spring and summer.

This year,
I thought I'd try pairing it with pants or a skirt,
I chose two linen-taste fabrics.

I hope this will be helpful for you to make a linen-style jacket.

1. Linen-like chintz (2 colors)

Using Mitsubishi Chemical's "Phi Thread",
It is a polyester synthetic fiber that is easy to care for while expressing a dry touch like linen .
The running of the thread is beautiful and the hemp is reproduced, giving it a mature taste without a warm feeling.

There is also a linen-like chintz kit .
It goes well with a dress or loose pants.

2. Advanced linen (5 colors in total)

Evolutionary linen that increases hybrid appeal by blending linen (57%) and rayon (43%).
Feels cool to the touch and can be washed by hand.
The luster of rayon is beautiful.

I also love 100% linen, but when I came across linen-like and evolutionary linen-like fabrics, I found new ways to enjoy them.

Which skirt or pants to match with the jacket... a fun question. (K)

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