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Canola flower field by the seaside

Posted by CouleureStaff on

Spring is here, spring is here.

I am so happy that I want to make an announcement.
Rainy fall, winter, and the end of April, when I'm still wearing my down jacket.
But the flowers are blooming and the nights are getting longer (it's bright even at 8:30)
Occasionally there is sunshine that I think is hot.
Unintentionally, I, who has a high autumn-winter index, am also excited.

There was a bright yellow field by the side of the seaside promenade that I visited for the first time, and there were many rape blossoms in bloom.
A sweet scent that drifts gently in the wind.
It mixes with the bees and slurps.

With the start of the summer semester, things get busier at an accelerated pace.
At this time of year when we run through until summer vacation,
I want to stop and enjoy nature. (K)

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