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Mother's Day—Mothering Sunday

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母の日—Mothering Sunday

I'm Staff K, who lives in England.

March 14th (Sun) is Mothering Sunday here.
As Mother's Day, children write letters at school,
I will work and come back. I bring milk tea to my mother's bed and prepare breakfast.
Also, when I grow up, I go to afternoon tea and lunch with my mother,
Give flowers and gifts.

The custom of Mothering Sunday dates back to the 16th century in England.
Originally, the word "mothering" did not mean mother,
It seems that he was referring to the church to which he belongs (Mother Church).
On the fourth Sunday of Lent, the period leading up to Easter,
It was the day he returned to his church to attend a special service.
Gradually, it was treated like a national holiday, and it was a day when the servants could return to their parents' homes.

However, this custom gradually died out in the early 20th century.
The woman who worked to revive this day was the pastor's daughter.
Various associations have been established, and the results of vigorous activities have been fruitful.
Mothering Sunday has once again taken root in British culture.

By the way, is it different from Mother's Day?
You might think that. Mother's Day as we know it
It is said that an American woman called out in 1908.
It was established as a public day in 1914 by President Wilson.
I have a strong image that Mother's Day is in May,
Every year, I'm in a hurry to arrange it, and I'm surprised to receive it.

Mothering Sunday during lockdown
I will welcome you with various thoughts,
I want to spend a day of gratitude and prayers. (K)

💐The picture is of flowers from my mother's garden 💐

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