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gift of lavender

Posted by CouleureStaff on

Summer vacation will come soon.
(Well, it must have been spring break last time...)

This year, I served as a "class contact" for children's schools.
In Japan, we call them Class Officers.

In addition to annual events such as plays and camps,
bridging information between teachers and parents
Coordination of potluck dishes,
Arrange gifts for teachers and collect donations.

It's not particularly difficult, but there are times when it's a little hectic.
(Everyone is at their own pace)
Just as I was thinking that I was glad that it seemed to be over without incident, my class mother quietly handed me a paper bag saying "thank you".

The contents were lavender that I grew by myself.
fragrant English lavender,
A card written in lavender ink.
Like her, refreshing and gentle.
I was so happy that I planted it in my garden.


a beautiful card,
There were two handfuls of fava beans in a paper bag that used to contain potatoes for delivery vegetables,
Three beautiful candies wrapped in thin paper.

It may be a simple thing, but it makes me happy to hear the words, "I remember you." (K)

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