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valentine bookmark

Posted by CouleureStaff on

"Valentine's Day,
There are some fun bookmarks that you can make with the children." I received the pattern from my mother, who is a little older than me.

It's been a long time since the weather has been bad, so it's a blessing that there's something we can all do.

Cut 2 pieces of fabric about 12 cm into heart shapes.
Draw a sewing line on one side. The seam allowance is about 1.2 cm.
Cut the bottom 1/5 off one side.
One piece of 9 cm square fabric is triangular on the outside.

With the triangles sandwiched between them, stack them with the front sides facing each other and pin them together.
・Heart with the bottom cut (face down),
・ Triangle (overlapping so that the corners become the corners of the heart),
・The heart with the sewing line is up (back side is up)

Sew, leaving an appropriate opening for turning,
After turning it inside out, sew the turning opening.

The hat I sewed when my daughter was a baby, Liberty used for kindergarten goods,
A ribbon tied to a Christmas present.
Made of small treasures.

I thought it might be a bookmark to be used in a book,
I arbitrarily put the ribbon between them, but when I told my friend that I was able to do it, he smiled and said, "I think you're using it differently."

It seemed that the flexible-headed children had found the right way. Surprise! !

After this, I put one chocolate in my pocket and gave it to my husband.
They thought it was wrapping. Hehehe.

Not long until spring.
If you have time, please try sewing. (K)

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