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the sound of cider

Posted by CouleureStaff on
The other day, there was a "bazaar consultation meeting" at a friend's house.
Our class will be in charge of "Pre-loved Clothes" at the big school festival held in early winter.
Pre-loved is a store of previously loved, cherished second-hand clothes.
Selected from items donated by the school,
It is a large-scale work that divides into categories and displays them.
This job is tough. Anyway, it's a huge amount.
But I found something unexpected,
It is also the privilege of the person in charge to get the right to buy first.
While everyone is talking noisily, we organize the pile of clothes.
Beside the lively atmosphere,
I heard a small gurgling sound.
This is the sound of apple juice squeezed at a friend's house slowly fermenting.
We are making cider.
When you're done with your work, you'll want to have a small glass of it.
But... we'll have to wait a few more months.
Pukupuku, wahaha, fuu, yeah
It was a lively afternoon. (K)

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