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Spring at the apple orchard

Posted by CouleureStaff on

Today, from Yuriko,
When I received the message that it was about 20 degrees, I was surprised that spring had suddenly progressed.
We live in South West England, but it doesn't get as cold as our office in Hyogo (the snow was beautiful, wasn't it?)
The period of low temperature is very long. About 5 months.

Still, I visited here in the spring, and when I visited the old apple farm, daffodils, primroses, and tall snowdrops added a gentle touch.
I was happy with the short-lived sun, so I sat down on a stump and charged up with the sun.
It may have been warmer than inside the house.

Snow forecast tomorrow.
If it freezes a little, the country roads will become slippery, and some families will have a good night at school.
I wonder if I should oversleep tomorrow, or should I make a bento?

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