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English Support: 806 Volume Gather Blouse

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English information on constructing 806 Volume Gather Blouse

Please refer to the "How to Make.PDF" file with the diagrams.

・Add adhesive interfacing onto the sleeve cuffs (backside).

・Make the loops. See images in the instructions + blog "loop button" for details.

・Sew the back.
Wrong sides together, from the bottom to the slit-open-stop.
・Finish the raw edge. Overlock a little above the slit-open-stop.

・Sew the back slit-opening.
Fold the seam allowance in three. Stitch with 0.7cm. Sew over a few times at the opening for reinforcement.

・Finish the hem.
Fold the hem, three folds. Stitch 2.0cm.
・Do the same for the back body piece.

・Sew the shoulders.
Overlock and press to the back.

・Sew the neck binding.
・Place the button loop on the right. Fold binding to right side, stitch 0.7cm. When stitching base to hold in place.

・Sew the sides.
Stop sewing at the slit-opening. Finish the raw edge, a little lower than the slit-opening.

・Sew the side-slits.
Fold the seam allowances in three-folds. Stitch 0.7cm.

・Sew sleeve sides, right sides together. Overlock the seams, press closed to the back.

・Sew two lines of long stitches for gathering, on sleeve top and sleeve cuff-area.

・Sew the cuffs.
Sew the edges, right-side together, as shown. Then, press open. Next, fold top and bottom into the middle. You will end-up with sleeve-cuffs as shown ★.

・Attach the cuffs.
Gather the sleeve opening, attach the cuffs as shown. Stitch.
(As seen below, we have opened the bottom side of the folded cuffs, placed it on the sleeve opening and stitched.)

・Fold back the cuffs into position. Layer onto the stitched lines to cover.

・Attach the sleeves to the shoulder.
Place the notches and gather-stop notches. Then, sew around. Go over twice under the arms. Take care that the back and front of the body/sleeves are matching.


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