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variety of blue

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Christmas New Year and events followed.
2023 will be more fulfilling for everyone,
I hope you have a wonderful year.
It's a very leisurely update blog, but thank you for your continued support.
Thank you for your continued support in the year.

Following the flu, it was the end of the year when I was completely out of shape.
Leaving home for the first time in 10 days...Freshness of the day!

I went for a walk of just a few minutes to the beach, about 20 minutes by car.
It was a feeling that my heart appeared in the evening when various blues and grays were beautiful.

There are seals! 10 minutes to tell and stare at the aunt.
It was black stone. However, everyone was completely fascinated by the seal-like shape and various aspects that could be glimpsed through the waves.
At the end, we all laughed and finished.

Feeling calm and
It was a short but good time filled with fun.

What was your new year's resolution?
I am "healthy". I have to come up with an action plan!

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