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This kind of fabric... 852 Tuck cuff puff sleeve blouse

Posted by CouleureStaff on
こんな生地も... 852 タックカフスパフスリーブブラウス

852 tuck cuff puff sleeve blouse that is popular with both PDF and paper patterns.

"With a pattern that can be said to be the royal road of blouses,
You can use any kind of fabric. "apparently.

For the first piece, I would like you to try making it with cotton materials such as GIZA88 super long cotton and cotton lace.
We also recommend other blouse fabrics.

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I am really looking forward to seeing everyone's creations.

I am interested in the delicate lines of the pinstripe that is also included in the kit.
How about dots and floral patterns?
Decine is recommended for those who sew terrorism fabric for the first time.

If you make a tuck gather maxi skirt with the same fabric and match it,
It will become your favorite one-piece look.
The tuck gather maxi skirt,
I will send you a PDF soon!

Spring in England has certainly come, but
Actually, it's been a long time from here...The sky is gray again today.
But looking at this fabric,
Even if Sayaka can't see it, I'm happy to see signs of spring.
That's how I feel.
(All 2 colors of line touch flower design )

I would like to combine the cuteness of small florals and the sharpness of black and white with a pattern with sweet details.
The sleeves are smoother than sewing with cotton.
(Fabric: 3 colors of Chriseta twill )

Deep colors and delicate plant patterns.
It's like Western style, but it's also Japanese style... It's attractive.
Comes with a cooling sensation and quick-drying function,
I'm happy for the spring weather that suddenly warms up.
(Fabric: 30D Spun Loan Natsunohara All 2 colors)

The tucked cuffs and the plain color that makes the sleeves more visible are also nice.
It is a pattern that you can enjoy with various fabrics. (K)

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