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[N49] Hand-knitted drafting summer walking bag


A small hand-knitted summer bag
of the leisurely flow of time
think like a crystal
Knitting time, in this little bag
only what goes in
time to carry
nice summer time
I would be happy if you could deliver it.
Easy-to-understand drafting with photo illustrations.

The thread on the main body stretches, so please do not use heavy items.
It is a specification that is not suitable for putting in.
Especially flax yarn kits like net bags
grow. It's good to use growth as a taste
It is also possible to sew the inner cloth like another image
In addition, taste changes and is one idea.
Since the pattern of the inner cloth is not attached
If you can attach it yourself, please attach it

Garment Measurements

Finished size A white bag Width 31cm x Height 32cm
Finished size B gray color bag Width 28cm x Height 34.5cm
Thread used and others [Threads used for A and others]
Eco-andarya-1 3 pieces
Heat shrink tube (H204-605)
Technorot (H204-593)
Crochet hook: No. 5/0 [Thread used for B, others]
Flax Yarn-103《Linen》4
Heat shrink tube (H204-605)
Technorot (H204-593)
Crochet hook: No. 5/0

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