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[598] Fishtail pullover


◆Fishtail with a moderately long back
A cute pullover that can camouflage the hip line
It has a compact silhouette and is perfect for the season when you need to wear a jacket.

It is very simple and nice to wear it with the hem tucked in.
The elegance of the fabric and the simplicity of a cut-and-sew T-shirt
is attractive.

◉Print page of the main body of the pattern
No. 7 & No. 9 & No. 11 ... 4 columns (20 sheets of A4 paper)

No. 13...5 columns (25 sheets of A4 paper)

◉ How to make 6 pages

Garment Measurements

(Unit: cm) No. 7 (S) No. 9 (M) No. 11 (L) No. 13 (2L)
Length 65.5 66.5 67.5 68.5
Width 91 95 99 103
shoulder width 36 37 38 39
Sleeve Length 39.5 40.5 41.5 42.5
cuff 29 30 31 32
number of parts 6 6 6 6
Others About 140cm width・・・about 1.5m (7, 9), about 1.6m (11), about 1.7m (13)
Button 1.15cm・・・1 piece [Suitable cloth]
The blouse fabric in general is compact, so if you have volume in your upper arms and chest, it would be more comfortable to wear it with stretch.

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・Illustrated specifications ( both Japanese and English )
・Guide booklet (both Japanese and English)

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#598Fish-tail Pullover


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