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It's so easy...?!

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It's so easy...?! ギリシア衣裳の用意

As the end of the term draws near, children's schools begin preparations for grade-level camps and play presentations.

My son's class will put on a play "Perseus and Medusa" based on Greek mythology.

Medusa is familiar (?!), and it's familiar in Japan, isn't it?
Perseus was a demigod born to Zeus, the supreme god, and Danae, the daughter of Acrisius, king of Argos.
Take Medusa's head.
Children call it Perseus in English.

The children read the 19-page long manuscript little by little every morning, and before they knew it,
I remember most of the roles.
Then we discuss and decide who is best suited for which role.

I looked for a book to try to remember what kind of story it was.

"Reading with illustrations..." is a book that can be enjoyed lightly, and I asked for it at the museum.

When I looked inside the cover of "Visual Edition Greek Mythology", it looked like a book given to me by my parents when I was in my twenties.
Very informative and interesting.

Greek mythology, which often appears in Western art and literature,
I think that it is often the subject of comics,
The manga "Colette Decided to Die" is a story in which Hades, the king of the underworld, and other gods appear, and the characters of the gods are humorously depicted.

During plays and presentations,
Sewing enthusiasts are looking forward to preparing their costumes.

Excitedly wondering what kind of costume I should make for Perseus, I looked for it...

......not very helpful!

There was, there was. the one on the right.
It's a nice atmosphere.

I listened to a friend who used to restore clothes for art galleries and museums, and the story of Greek textiles and sleeves was very interesting and enthusiastic, so I was thinking about making a costume as simple as possible. Please," a letter was sent to my parents.

A grand plan turned really simple ^^
Then, I gathered with several parents,
Everyone is making crunchy crunchy.
Without any hesitation, I sewed it little by little and smoothly.

I also tried to proceed roughly, but I was accustomed to the finish and specifications of Kururu, and it was rather difficult to correct the trajectory of the strange cut. I sewed
It was fun sewing while smiling wryly at myself.

By the way, this Klimt painting is a famous work, but now the title Danae and Perseus' mother Danae are properly connected.
Discoveries like this are fun. (K)

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