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vegetarian wellington

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When I look at the photos again, I feel like I'm in the middle of the day!
I think it would have been better if the photo was a little more stylized, but it's a delicious one that I accidentally took ^^

Here is the vegetarian version of the traditional dish.
Original Beef Wellington
Beef fillet wrapped in patty, mushrooms, and vegetable stir-fry,
Furthermore, it is a dish that is wrapped in pie crust and baked.

I made this for my vegetarian father and it was delicious!
instead of beef
Use portobello mushrooms larger than the palm of your hand.
Topped with vegetables and spinach stewed in plenty of red wine,
It's a handmade pie crust.

I feel like I made something that took a lot of time,
As a matter of fact, this is a handy kit with recipes and ingredients.

Herbs that are troublesome to prepare from scratch by yourself, slightly unusual spices,
The powder is also weighed. You can't go wrong with a recipe kit from Riverford Organic.
In the past three years when the opportunity to eat out has decreased,
I feel like I've found a substitute for fun.

Also, recently
When cooking with children who are interested in cooking, if it is too large to start with measuring,
Measured in advance or
I'm reconfirming that the work is quite easy just by putting the necessary materials on the bat.

when you say something
There are times when there is a method of following everything in order and building it up, and there is also a method of teaching where you develop your ability to apply and imaginatively while mastering parts.
There are also ways of communicating that match your personality.
It is my home where the way children communicate has changed from "little" to "mini and medium".
I have to keep up with the changes in my children. (K)

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