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straw star

Posted by CouleureStaff on

Have you all had a good Christmas?
Due to the COVID outbreak,
In England, where many people had to change their plans, Christmas has slowly come to our house this year.

How to enjoy your time at home...
It's a surprisingly good time for adults to clean up (Spring Cleaning in English)
The children made a lot of "Straw Stars" with handmade kits found during the general cleaning.

Straw Star is a Christmas decoration using straw made in Germany and Scandinavia.
The dedicated kit I got in Japan was easy to work on even for the first time, so if you are interested, I recommend the kit.
(There are also various articles if you search for "straw star")

By the way, while I was trying, I ran out of straws.
It seems that you can get it from a farmer, but when I searched online, I found a product called "straw made from straw".

They are sold as a replacement for plastic straws, not for decoration.
Plastic may be easier to handle in stores, but it seems to be an environmentally friendly alternative for home use.
By the way, there was also a metal straw that can be boiled.
While making stars, we also talked about environmental considerations that we can do at home.


Winter light is very precious and soft, so decorating a room with stars will make you feel bright.

Envisioning a bright new year...
I wanted to express my gratitude to all of you.

I am always looking forward to seeing customers' sewing lives through messages, BBS, Instagram, etc.
In 2021, thank you very much for all the wonderful sewing using Krull's pattern cloth.

Happy new year to all of you.
I would appreciate it if you could be a part of your exciting time in 2022.


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