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Nekomimi hat and sailing

Posted by CouleureStaff on

Sailing is popular in this area where the river and the sea are close.
Sailing may sound like a special lesson, but

It can be learned in the same way as soccer, baseball, ballet and piano.

There are many adults who teach as volunteers with the enthusiasm of passing it on to the next generation.

Young people who have been taught by seeing the adult
I help teach children.

We like this atmosphere of receiving and returning

Until I can give something back to my children
I hope you improve.

The sailing season is from March to November.
By the end of October, The water is cold, so a hat or sweater is required.

My daughter loves the " Kids Square Ear Knit Hat "
I've been wearing it a lot this fall.

It's cute, easy to knit, and a recommended pattern.

How are you all enjoying the autumn and winter? (K)

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