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Seam allowances and seam lines

Posted by CouleureStaff on

✂️ Seam allowances and seam lines

Couleure's patterns have different seam allowances(S/A) for different places, rather than one standard seam allowance for all round the pattern. For example, 1.2cm for the sides and 1.0cm for the neckline.

Giving detailed seam allowance means there is no bulky bits, and you will notice how it all comes together in a harmonious way. This professional method allows for successful and beautiful finishes. You will see the seam line=sewing lines indicated inside the seam allowances( S/A). Always check the S/A width before you sew, as it will not be a standard width all round the lines.

✂️ Seam allowance and finished line

The Kururu pattern does not have a uniform seam allowance (such as 1 cm), but different seam allowance widths are available at different points. This professional method results in a beautiful finish. The finished line is marked inside the seam allowance line, so check the width of the seam allowance when sewing.

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