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[637] Camisole dress


◆Swings like a flared skirt
The key point is the skirt line.
This dress can be used for a wide range of occasions, from daily life to occasions.
The width of the body should also be taken into consideration when layering in winter.
I made it quite loosely.
It is intended for layered knitwear that does not slip.
Please note that the armpits are too empty to wear on bare skin without layering.
A lace item worn indoors can also be used for parties.
*The pattern comes with a 20cm concealed zipper.
If it can be put on and taken off by basting, there is no need for a zipper.
Almost removable.

◉Number of pages printed on the pattern itself
5 rows (25 sheets of A4 paper)

◉Number of how-to pages: 5 

Garment Measurements

(Unit: cm) No. 7(S) No. 9 (M) No. 11 (L) No. 13 (2L)
Length 96.5 97 97.5 98
Width 91 95 99 103
Hem width 188.5 192.5 196.5 200.5
Number of parts Four Four Four Four
Measures and others (Outer material) Measurement: 138 cm Width: Approx. 2.1 m (No. 7, No. 9), Approx. 2.2 m (No. 11), Approx. 2.4 m (No. 13)
Shoulder strap cord: approx. 0.8m
Concealed zipper if not removable: 20cm
【Main Specifications】
Concealed zipper... Back opening top edge... end facing hem... 1.0cm tri-fold [Suitable fabric]
Drapey fabrics such as georgette, thin punch knit, etc.

◉ PDF pattern includes:
・Outer pattern in 2 sizes (seam allowance included, both Japanese and English)
・Illustrated specifications (Japanese)
・Guide booklet (both Japanese and English)

◉ Features of PDF pattern:
After completing your order, you will receive a PDF download email immediately.
Print on A4 paper at home or at a convenience store.
If you cut out the pattern after pasting it together,
Can be used immediately with no tracing required.
* Pasting is easy.
Please see our blog for tips on PDF stitching.

◉ The pattern pieces have English & Japanese names. The instructions are in Japanese with clear diagrams.

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