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806 3 kits of fluffy gathered sleeves

Posted by CouleureStaff on
806 ふんわりギャザースリーブの3つのキット

Hello. This is staff k.
Today, I would like to introduce 3 kits of the popular 806 Fluffy Gathered Sleeves. It would be greatly appreciated if you could refer to the fabric when making with the PDF pattern.

1: 30D Spahn Loan

Although it is cotton, it does not easily wrinkle and has a delicate texture. Although it is soft, it is a material that gives a three-dimensional feel to the fluffy gathered sleeves.
◉ 806 30D Sparnloan Kit Page

The matching skirt is a maxi skirt . This fabric is sold out, but there are other wonderful skirt fabrics that will make you happy on the main Kurule site .

2: Punch at the best time + de Chine on the sleeves The charm of this pattern is that you can enjoy the combination of materials. The second combination is a comfortable fit by using a summer punch with a stable stretch rate at the peak of the season. The sleeves are made of de chine, which is elegant and gorgeous.

806 Punch + Leopard De Chine Kit

I chose this kit before spring. I plan to brighten up the heavy color that I want to wear a little more with a white top. I just finished assembling the PDF and cutting the fabric. The pattern on the sleeves is a bit of a surprise! It was as I had heard. Please look forward to it ♬

3: Punch + mat split fiber The sleeves are made of popular mat split fiber that has a fluffy surface and an expression even in a single color. The best time to see is a beautiful deep black ponchi. The mix of different materials is a cool combination.

806 Punch + Mat Splitting Kit

Spring is here and the wind blows warmly, and the transparent material makes my heart flutter once again. Patterns with different expressions depending on the material. What kind of materials are you made of? We are looking forward to seeing you.

◉Please introduce your finished sewing on Instagram or BBS
#806 Volume Gather Blouse
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