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Embroidery book published in 1894

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The other day, I searched for "embroidery" in the library's online search and made a reservation in order of age.

I got a notification that it had arrived, so when I went there, I was checking the book at the counter to pay for the order fee.
The librarian who opened the book and I unintentionally shouted "WOW!"

The staff next to me said, "That book is amazing. I just saw it."
"I wonder if I can borrow this, it's the original, published in 1894."
The book was so old that it made sense for them to say, "Don't put it in the return box."

We couldn't help but cheer at the double-page spread silk sample book.
About 250 colors of thread were wrapped around a small card as a sample and pasted neatly.

When I read the inside, it says, 'Thank you very much for permission to post by Liberty.' Sponsored by Liberty?
There was also an advertisement for Liberty towards the end of the book.

"Filo Floss silk" glittering in the light coming in from the window
The weight of a book over 100 years ago,
It was an afternoon that made me feel like I was in time travel, experiencing the surprise and joy of being borrowed for some strange reason (probably by mistake).

This is a book that introduces designs suitable for church interiors such as altars.

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